How do I create a customized Rotary logo?

The best way to do so is through the Rotary Brand Center

1 - Go to

2 - Log-in with your myRotary account

3 - Scroll down and click "Learn More" on logo (middle column)

4 - On Template, click "View" 

5 - Click "Create" and a logo builder will appear

6 - There are 5 options in the logo builder. Adjust your logo based on your design preferences, enter your club name, and hit "save"

7 - Create a name for your file and click "OK"

8 - Refresh your browser by clicking on the refresh button or press Command + R (Mac) / Control + R (Windows) 

9 - Download your file onto your computer. For Project Doing Good website, the second option, JPEG, works best 

Here's a short YouTube video tutorial we created to walk you through creating a Rotary logo:




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