How do I use my own custom domain name for my site?

All accounts are allowed to use their own custom domain name to replace their existing subdomain. Using your own custom domain name comes at no charge from us, but you are responsible for the cost of the domain name itself. 

Here is how to use your own custom domain name:

  1. Own a domain. If you have not registered your domain yet, you need to first do this at any major domain registrar. Our domain registrar of choice is since they have always been great to us. But there are plenty of other choices as well (GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.).
  2. Log into your domain registrar or web host to make DNS changes. If your nameservers for your domain are still controlled by your domain registrar (i.e. you just registered a new domain), then you can make these changes in your domain registrar. Otherwise, this is a change you will want to make via your web host.
  3. Change the A record in your DNS settings. In your DNS settings, you will need to change the A Record of your primary domain name. A Records always point to an IP Address. The IP address you need to point it to is the Project Doing Good primary server, "" (without the quotes). So your DNS record would something like this:, TTL 1440, A,
  4. Submit a help ticket request to Once the A Record is added to your custom domain's DNS settings, you need to let our team know to add it on our server settings. Just send us an email at and let us know what your custom domain name is and what your Project Doing Good account name is. We'll take care of the rest.
  5. Sit back and have a drink. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours for DNS settings such as A Records to propagate throughout the internet. This custom domain process is not instantaneous. If you have made it to this step, then you should congratulate yourself with a drink, and just sit back and relax. 

If you are experiencing problems changing your domain's DNS settings, we recommend that you consider contacting your domain registrar support team or your web host support team first before reaching out to us as those are settings specific to your domain registrar or web host. (We don't control your custom domain.)

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