Do I need a custom domain?

You do not need a custom domain in order to create a Project Doing Good landing page website. We automatically create all new accounts with a subdomain. Your web address by default will be

As you might imagine though, while this is great for testing purposes, this isn't a very user-friendly website address.

We do recommend that Rotary clubs who are serious about their digital presence register their own custom domain name (i.e. We do not register domain names, but you can do this yourself through any major domain registrar. 

Our domain registrar of choice is since they have always been great to us. But there are plenty of other choices as well (GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.). Domains generally cost roughly $11 USD per year. These prices can increase annually, so it can be advantageous to register domains for multiple years at a time. 

If you decide to want to use a custom domain with your Project Doing Good landing page, please check out our article on custom domains for instructions.

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